MacDonald’s conference for Fourimpact

November 2018 saw 2800 McDonalds franchisee holders descend on Event City in Manchester.
Showpax provided a full transport programme for all attendees including VIP’s, Entertainment &

65 Executive & Luxury coaches served 25 hotels for a full day and late evening.

Showpax devised and operated a luggage system where the guests checked in their luggage as they
arrived for conference. The luggage was then transferred to the corresponding hotels.



On behalf of Susie, Fourimpact and myself, thanks for the fantastic job the Showpax team did in
looking after the McDonald's guest transport.  From what I have heard on the grapevine, and with
what I saw with my own eyes, it was a seamless operation and much appreciated by the guests after
recent experiences.

I also really appreciate all the hard work that went in to the pre-planning process and I know I can be
a bit exacting at times which may have caused you some frustration.  However, you took it all with
good grace and all of that hard work was backed up with an excellent operational team on-site, so
please convey my congratulations to all the Showpax team for their assistance in achieving a hugely
successful Event.

Feedback so far indicates what we saw and experienced on the day and that is that the Event was
loved by the delegates and management, so well done as you were an important part in achieving the
accolades that are coming in by email and the infamous APP!

On a personal level it was a pleasure to work with you again, thank you for your support and let’s
hope that we can work together again in the not too distant future.