Sky (For Rouge Events)

In 2011 Showpax provided 35 coaches to transport Sky employees to and from their annual weekend festival in Edinburgh. Following the success of this operation Showpax were awarded the traffic management as well as the coach operation in 2012.

The 2012 event took place at Hopetoun House and was staged as a two day event. On day one Showpax operated shuttle services from eight points around Southern Scotland and staged returns to all points between 20.00hrs and 01.00hrs. On day two all delegates arrived by car and Showpax handled arrival, departure and stewarding of over 3000 cars in a field with only one exit/entrance and single track roadways. The entrance to this field was located off a single track lane and Showpax managed all traffic management issues effectively. In 2012 we also provided transport for the other Sky events in Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham.

2013 saw the event move to a one day format at the Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh. This format meant a higher volume of vehicles for the day. Once again Showpax sucessfully devised & managed the traffic plan and supplied the shuttle coaches.



Thank you for all your work on this year’s event, I really appreciate you and your team’s hard work to ensure the smooth running of the coaches and the car parking. You are all extremely professional and it is a huge weight off my mind knowing that it is all under control as it is such a large undertaking that if not done properly could cause a lot of problems and disgruntled guests.  I would also like to say that you hire some great staff, in additional to the core members, I spoke to 2 girls who were extremely friendly and proactive (one was keeping an eye on someone littering) and Victoria was very chatty when she was placed in the RHC to direct pedestrians. It is good to have friendly staff at this point as it is the very first experience that our guests have of the event and their day out, so thank you. 

Olivia Jinks, Event Manager – Rouge