For larger, more detailed or high profile programmes…

ShowPAX provides a comprehensive site management service.

A team of highly trained and experienced ground operatives, under the supervision of the manager dedicated to the pre planning of the event, will be on site during the open days to ensure everything goes to plan.

An on-site Control Room will be set up to monitor vehicles, from pick up point to venue, allowing conference organisers to be aware of missing or extra delegates, and to quickly react to unforeseen circumstances.

Road traffic accidents and adverse weather conditions can affect travel times but cannot be anticipated in the planning stages. The Control Room staff will also liaise with meet and greet staff at airports, enabling the appropriate information to be relayed to the conference organiser quickly and effectively.

At the venue, our site management team will ensure that all passengers alight at the correct points and are welcomed to the conference in a pleasant and efficient manner. Vehicles will be parked, and drivers taken care of and re-briefed for later transfers.
At the close of the conference, vehicles will be ready in pre-arranged positions and order, to take passengers home or onto the next stage of the event.

Throughout the entire programme our team will handle all transport related matters, leaving you free to concentrate on the remaining areas of the event.

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